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Art before commerce. Humanity before technology. Nature overall.

Where I've been, and some of what I did there

Born in NYC, grew up overlooking the Tappan Zee, saw the bridge rise, pier by truss, out of the water. Ohio for college. Europe, first as student, then tourist, disk jockey, hostess. Back to NYC to work as technical copy editor. Took a bus to Denver. After editorial stint with an alternative weekly in Boulder, joined a bookstore enterprise which led, in turn, to a small farm venture in the Missouri Ozarks. Next to the Olympic peninsula for some lessons in life and carpentry. Back to Colorado, then again Missouri. Many jobs, adventures and misadventures along the way. Married, two cats.

Degrees: B. A., M. A.

Exhibits: Plattsburgh State Art Museum and Frye Museum of Art (group shows); Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art and Elizabeth Rozier Gallery/Museum (solo shows), and more.

Publications: Rockwell Kent's Forgotten Landscapes (co-author), Life in (very) Minor Works (now out of print), many essays, poems.

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